What have we gained?

Are you grieving?
Are You Grieving?
April 30, 2020
My Virtual Leadership Learning Series
July 3, 2020
What have we gained

I think it is safe to say that every one of us has experienced some form of “LOSS” over the last few months. We have experienced this in varying degrees of intensity and across a broad range of experiences such as 

Loss of:

  • Income
  • Jobs
  • Businesses
  • Opportunities to mourn our loved ones at funerals 
  • Opportunities to celebrate weddings, births, graduations 
  • Opportunities to fulfil our plans of international travel or to study abroad
  • Opportunities to hug and hold those we love 

I also think there is huge value in exploring what we have gained from this experience. 

Recently I conducted a Virtual Masterclass on “Communicating during times of Crises”, and I asked the leaders – attending the class – to explore and debate the answers to the following questions, regarding the past nine weeks:

 (I would like to encourage YOU and your colleagues to answer these same questions in the context of both your professional and personal lives)

  1. What have you gained as a team/family?
  2. What have you learned – about yourself/your team/ your industry /your relationships?
  3. What new skills have you learned?
  4. What have you done for the first time that you are now so glad you have attempted?
  5. What are you now equipped to do that you were not equipped to do before?
  6. What have you had time to do that you have been putting off due to a “lack of time”?
  7. What will you keep as part of your NEW DAILY Routine – that you did not do before – and what will you stop doing? What practices have now become redundant?
  8. What are you most proud of?

I was so encouraged by some of the answers that I heard to these questions – that I walked away from that Masterclass feeling inspired and wanted to share them with you.

Some of the answers included: 

  • I now know my team much better. We have regular virtual team meetings. We check in with each other daily – with a quick “ stand up” meeting. This is something that I will keep going when we get back to work.
  • I now realize how productive my team can be working from home and can see the opportunity for more “flexible working hours” and “working from home” options going forward.
  • We have saved so much money on hotels and travel, that I am seriously going to question the need for face to face engagements EVERY time we need to meet. We have the technology to have powerful and productive virtual meetings, and we need to use it more.
  • I am so grateful to have a job. I have moaned and complained about it in the past but now see what a gift my job is.
  • I miss seeing my teammates and even miss seeing the people that seriously pissed me off in the past. 
  • Our whole team has now embraced and adapted to using virtual technology for meetings and training sessions – something we have been meaning to do for a long time.
  • We have now finally created an entire online induction and onboarding program.
  • I have finally put time into tapping into all the online learning platforms available to upskill myself in certain areas. Who knew there was so much virtual training available?
  • We are exercising together as a family every day – either walking or cycling. 
  • We are cooking as a family in the evening.
  • I have finally started that daily yoga practice in my lounge each morning using a great online app.
  • I have gained 2 hours a day – that I used for commuting and finding parking before. 
  • Time I now spend exercising and spending with my family
  • I now know so much more about what my kids are studying at school and university and have a whole new appreciation for them and their teachers and lecturers! 
  • I have learned that I am far more resourceful and agile than I gave myself credit for. 

I hope that this will be a helpful, productive and insightful exercise for you and your teams and your families to do. 

I would love to hear some of your responses. 

Until next time

Be Bold. Be Curious.
Jacqui Perkins
Jacqui combines real-life experience with in-depth knowledge. Her unique way of delivery is direct and engaging, which cuts through any resistance and allows people to let down their guard and open up to learning. A compassionate coach, you will get complete commitment and support through your challenges and growth. Her tried and tested methods work.

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