I speak in colour -

I don’t do black and white – My work reflects my personal approach to life. I have a colourful background with rich and interesting experiences that I share spontaneously throughout my interactions with you. My language is colourful and my energy introduces itself before I say a word.


I'm with you all the way

I don’t do half measures!  - If I’m in, I’m in 100% - that’s why when you pick me to work with you and your team – I will go above and beyond until we achieve what we set out to achieve.


I keep it real

I share my truth with  passion and vulnerability – so you feel as if you are having a coffee with an interesting friend who gets you ! and is comfortable to be 100% open and honest with you. 


"We have paired with the best!” Jacqui’s reliability, transparency and communication style truly resonates with her clients. In 2016, Jacqui was credited as the reason for increased sales, improved time management and active learning at Freedom Aged Care. Jacqui’s genuine care for her clients has resulted in her becoming a part of the Freedom Aged Care business, working with the company to continually grow and improve".
Chris Johns, Regional Sales Manager, Freedom Aged Care

Enough about me, I want to know more about you

As a business owner or leader are you ...

Overwhelmed and confused by the ever-increasing amount of information on the latest leadership trends?
Confused by all the sales techniques and management styles? Frustrated with trying to cut through all the noise, tired of trawling through all the information available to us now and feeling like it all just takes too much time and energy - that you simply just don’t have right now?

You might have:

Spent money and time on Training Companies or Speakers that involved more TALK than ACTION?
They come in and train – everyone is hyped for a day - and a few days later everyone goes back to their default behaviour? When the rubber hits the road, the wheels come off! There does not seem to be any visible, sustainable application of the training to their day to day work life ?

If this is the case – My 6 Core signature programs are designed to achieve sustainable results, and solve the most common challenges, faced by business owners and leaders today - regardless of their industry. If not – I will create a bespoke program to meet your SPECIFIC needs.

Have a look below to see how I can help you AND

Listen to what some of my clients have had to say over the years HERE.

Over the years, I’ve noticed there are 6 core areas where business owners/leaders experience the most challenges. You might relate to one of these:

Trying to fix all of these areas is not an overnight task. That’s why I’ve developed Six Signature Programs
that get to the heart of what you and your teams need. Each program is delivered via a cohesive, personalised learning journey, tailor made to your needs with simple, effective actionable learning techniques delivered in a fresh and interesting way. You can decide where and when you need support.

(click on the one of the programs to access more information on that topic)

Jacqui facilitated 10 workshops focused on “resilience and self” for 200 staff at QUT. Jacqui was recognised for her high energy, personalised and relatable examples, and humour. Jacqui ensures her clients apply tools to build resilience and commit to working with a mentor to enable their journey to continue. Jacqui is recommended as someone who can work with staff at all levels.
Elizabeth Wickham, Head of Science and Engineering Faculty, QUT
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