Consults Jacqui will sit down and listen with her head, her heart and her soul until she has a full understanding of not only your business, but your industry and your challenges. She will identify needs and opportunities through intuitive questioning and robust conversations. Armed with this knowledge she will customise a solid solution and partner with you and all your key stakeholders, building close relationships throughout your business until you are 100% satisfied with the outcome.
Coaches Jacqui conducts coaching as part of a training intervention to ensure that the classroom learnings actually do translate into changed behaviours and outcomes. She coaches individual employees all the way through to executives of the organisation . Her style is friendly, tough, professional and fun all so that you feel as if you are having a conversation with your best friend who will tell you the good the bad and the ugly and truly listen to you - and hold you to account on your promises.
Facilitates Jacqui has a refreshingly honest and engaging style of facilitating workshops that are bespoke to your organisation, your team and your objectives. She is able to adjust her style and language to her audience achieving a balance of trust and tension so that the best environment is created to facilitate growth and change. Outside of bespoke facilitated programmes - Jacqui has Six Signature Programs that she also facilitates.
Speaks Jacqui is a sought after speaker who has presented at numerous conferences, from small intimate gatherings, to large corporate keynotes; throughout Australia and South Africa and across a multitude of industries. No matter how big or small the group - Jacqui encourages the audience to engage and participate through skilful activities and techniques that keep the audience on the edge of their seats - no chance of dropping off during one her sessions or sleeping off the hangover from the night before ‘big company bash!'

Even though I focus on Six Signature Programs, with a unique learning journey - I am able to customise bespoke training interventions across a wide range of leadership competencies. I also have access to a highly skilled pool of specialised facilitators who work in areas that are not necessarily my field of expertise so am able to resource any project no matter how big or small.


"Jacqui was nothing short of excellent. She has a professional, structured approach that encourages active participation. She is able to tailor each session to a broad mix of participant roles, incorporating both theory and real-life scenarios ensuring tangible actions can be implemented across the workplace. Her broad range of knowledge and expertise builds rapport with professionals, and her understanding of our business needs draws engagement through thoughtful consultation and planning".
Brittany Cramer, Group HR Manager, Minor DKL Food Group




In the discovery phase I will sit down with you and your decision makers and really get to understand your business, your industry, your role, your teams’ role and what you are trying to achieve.




I will personally tailor and design specific materials, tools and cheat sheets and resources that will be highly relevant , user friendly and entertaining for you and your teams.




Time for your Runners to hit the road! Real Life Application!
In the face to face training, we will provide some post course activities, designed to give your team members an opportunity to go away and actually put these skills into place within a specific time frame.




Once you and your teams have had a chance to experiment with their new found skills, we will arrange a series of one on one coaching sessions to be conducted either by myself or their managers/ mentors in the business to get feedback on what is working and what is not and how and where we need to support them




In this step, we arrange a group teleconference or webinar, where we interact as a group, and share our learnings. We discuss our different approaches, share our real life examples, knowledge and experience and assess where people are in their journey.

Jacqui’s facilitation style is very approachable, friendly and practical. Whilst working for the Australian Institute of Management, our staff at RCC, always request to attend workshops specifically run by Jacqui as they learn so much from her sessions. Jacqui accommodates whichever business she works with, embracing their values, mission and vision, winning over even the most difficult of attendees.
Amanda Dally, Head of Human Resources, Redland City Council

The Learning Journey will deliver one or more of the following programs, you choose where you need to start and how you prefer to have it delivered.

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