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Each of my Six Signature Programs is delivered via a cohesive, personalised learning journey tailor made to your needs with simple, effective actionable learning techniques presented in a fresh and interesting way. You can decide where and when you need support.

If you’re busy,

but not productive

If your team is not working together, losing focus of the big picture, lacking direction because they are wasting time on things that don’t matter… they have got caught up in the whirlwind of activity - with no end in sight… they are activity focused instead of outcome focused.

If your team really understands why the business exists, if they understand why their role exists and the overall purpose of their role and how it fits into the Big picture! IF they understand the “why” of the organisation (the mission) – then they are able to be proactive, take ownership and be creative and innovate without you having to constantly micro manage them. It also prevents your team from suffering burn out due to fatigue of working long hours because they are focusing on the “sand” rather than the “rocks” as Steven Covey would say.

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Empower your teams on how to focus on what really matters so that our teams can produce the outcomes that makes our organisation successful - thrive as opposed to survive.

In this program you will learn:
• How to empower your teams and team members to align their individual focus to team and organisational goals
• How to encourage your teams to create a team mission statement
• Why does my team exist?
• What would happen to the company if my team did not exist ?
• Who are my internal customers and what do they need and expect from me ?
• Who is my external customer , and what do they need and expect from me?
• What is the overall purpose of my role…? IF this role did not exist, how would it affect the business –.
• To encourage your teams to develop and implement some tried and tested and SIMPLE solutions and techniques that work – such as :
• Implementing a daily Prime Time
• Using the 80/20 rule to focus on what matters first
• Managing Interruptions – especially email traffic
• Planning and managing procrastination by “eating the frog!”
• Prioritising with the aide of Steven Covey’s priority matrix
• Managing up these techniques will save you time, save your team time and ensure that your time is being spent on what matters

If you’re losing


We lose customers when we fail to turn “walkers “ into “talkers” and uncover their “secret” needs by asking powerful questions.
“ A customer is someone who continually evaluates and improves our business”. A “complaining customer” is in fact an unpaid consultant, who is giving us essential feedback to continually improve our service offering , and keep us one step ahead of our competitors.
Great internal customer service leads to exceptional external customer service. By examining every key internal interaction that a customer is likely to face, we will have to key to delivering exceptional customer service. Jan Carlzon refers to these interactions as “moments of truth”.

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Creating A customer Centric Culture is about keeping the customers we have by meeting and exceeding both their STATED and UNSTATED needs.

In this program you will learn:
• Who and what an external customer really is – the real value of a customer
• Who our internal customers are and why they are imperative to delivering outstanding external customer service
• Internal customer service is the heartbeat of the company and the customer experience should be the driving force behind every team’s goals and every person’s set of KPI’s
• The skills to truly listen and act on their customer’s feedback so that we are constantly meeting and exceeding their needs and in that way, creating a point of difference that our competitors cannot compete with
• Identify walkers from talkers
• Turn walkers into talkers
• Welcome complaints and address them in such a way that they become our most loyal customers
• Identify their internal customers and understand what they want and need
• Identify what our external customers want and need – help them develop the questioning skills that will uncover the real and unstated and secret needs that lie below the waterline
• Empower your team to make the customer the “hero of his/ her own journey and becoming a raving fan of your service/ product
• Farm the client by creating such invaluable customer experiences, and creating warm introductions to every stake holder in the business that they need to work with that they become advocates and a massive lead generator for future business

Each of my Six Signature Programs is delivered via a cohesive, personalised learning journey tailor made to your needs with simple, effective actionable learning techniques presented in a fresh and interesting way. You can decide where and when you need support.

If you're getting more excuses than sales

Getting bogged down in administration, avoiding prospecting and networking - and needing more and more micro managing to hit their sales targets.
Every sales team is made up of “hunters” and “farmers”. The road to success is to empower and train our teams to be equally successful at both. We need to prioritise our time and create strategies to get out and “hunt” our target clients whilst simultaneously managing our time to “farm” our clients. We do this by journeying with them through the entire pipeline, creating warm introductions to every stakeholder, so that we keep them “warm” from the signing of the contract all the way through to them becoming advocates of our business and becoming a referral partners.

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How to keep your sales pipeline full by simultaneously “farming” the clients you HAVE to grow into advocates of your business and simultaneously, purposefully and courageously “hunt” for new business.

In this program you will learn:
• To sell is Human! Everybody is selling something to someone
• Three methods of keeping your sales pipeline full:
1. Magnetise your clients through your website, social media, publicity and  speaking engagements
2. Hunt you clients - actively go after your targeted clients with a rifle not and Ak 47
3. Farm your clients - nurture the clients you have and create advocates from them
• To Examine your internal dialogue – is it healthy, helpful and productive to create a confident first impression?
• To Examine your physiology
• Create an elevator pitch that will draw your prospect in within 7 seconds so that they say “ tell me more ..”
• To Ask the right questions to truly understand the needs of the client
• To Meet and address their human/emotional needs that drive all buying decisions based on Dr David Rock’s SCARF Concept
• Create common understanding so that the client knows and trusts that you truly understand their perspective and their unique situation
• Present the information as a “trusted advisor” and industry expert as opposed to a “salesperson”
• Welcome and address objections that gets a commitment from the client to the next step – see objections in a whole new light that will transform the way you sell for the rest of your career
• Ask strong closing questions to get the negotiation across the line
• Create long term advocates by “ farming” the client throughout the journey – remember – the sales is not over until the fat lady sings!

Are your leaders

not leading?

Team members or Team leaders not taking initiative, demonstrating “learned helplessness”- where you have to constantly have to remind them, or teach them over and over again … they appear to lack initiative or ownership and you are running around doing it all for them just so you can reach your kpi’s for the month.

The difference from transitioning from a worker to a leader, is that you are now in a position where you are not only responsible for your results, but you are responsible for the results of others … and this is where the temptation to roll up our sleeves ..and do their job for them sometimes starts to creep in OR, we wish to micro manage them to do it OUR way etc …

One of the fundamental challenges I see in developing great leaders is to know how to communicate the vision and the goal of what you are trying to achieve, to them in such a way, that not only do they trust the information they are receiving, but they understand it and can act on it without us having to kick them up hill…We need to know is how do we lead and manage the people that are on this journey with us, in meeting and exceeding our customers needs and working towards our company’s vision and fulfilling our organisational purpose.

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Leadership is about facilitating optimum results from your team towards a common goal.

In this program you will learn:
• To develop a coaching style of leadership to encourage commitment rather
than simple compliance that develops only doers rather than thinkers AND doers!
• How to create critical thinkers as opposed to simple doers so that you
do not create a culture of learned helplessness (repetitive?)
• How to delegate and encourage ownership
• How to give constructive and positive feedback
• How to align the team to the values of the organisation to sustain
and create culture we want
• How to manage upwards to ensure that we can give our team the support and
the resources they need to be successful
• How to develop their own leadership style and how to adapt it when neccessay
• When to TELL When to INVOLVE When to EMPOWER
• How to create self awareness and a leadership mission statement so that they
know what they stand for and what their team can expect from them

Avoiding "that" conversation?

You are just dreading having THAT conversation – hoping it will just sort itself out – that it will go away or become some one else’s problem – dreading having to face it and all the repercussions that come with it.

A conversation that potentially could be seen as a threat to the individual, in a way that will create an outcome that looks like “Silence“ or “Violence“ (in other words disengagement or outright confrontation)

Our emotions influence our Decisions , which influence our behaviours/ actions which obviously impacts our outcomes.Click the icon for downloadable pdf info sheet on this program

Why would anyone want to “Start a conversation that really matters …”

In this program you will learn:
• Develop self awareness so that you can ask “ is my emotional state “healthy, helpful and productive for what I need to do now?”
• Learn to identify the stories you are telling yourself about - yourself, the other party,
- and the situation and ask if they are “facts or stories”?
• Position the conversation so that the other party immediately receives the information
as “helpful” rather than “harmful”
• You will learn to identify your teams personal needs and communication style so that you can start a conversation that matters , in a way that reduces that threat response and gets the team member to engage their rational brain and have a more collaborative discussion
Silence will look like disengagement, abseetsism, lack of contribution or engagement…Violence will look like confrontation, arguments and challenging every thin you say
• Learn to create the non verbals that deliver the message you want to send and are congruent with your verbal message
• Learn to ask the right questions and the tough questions to really unpack what is going on in their world
• Apply strategies of empathy to create common understanding and a commitment to work together to address a situation or their behaviour and get a commitment to action
• Facilitate an action plan from the other party so that they take ownership
• Learn to talk about natural and formal consequences in such a way that the
team member identifies the choices
that he/ she are making that are not working for him or her
• Learn to check for understanding so that you can identify the difference between commitment and compliance
• Build your confidence by addressing your internal dialogue about your self and create the physiology that empowers you

Each of my Six Signature Programs is delivered via a cohesive, personalised learning journey tailor made to your needs with simple, effective actionable learning techniques presented in a fresh and interesting way. You can decide where and when you need support.

If you’re just worn out and need to re-charge

Exhausted and worn out from the day to day pressures, cannot see the wood for the trees, feeling as if you are a hamster on that hamster wheel – running for your life and not getting anywhere - until it is affecting your sleep, your health and some days you just don’t want to even get out of bed.

Resilience is the most important competency that will sustain you and encourage you to have the strength and the tenacity to continue to travel the footpath that I have shared with you…. the circular journey from our first Topic - Prioritising for Purpose all the way through to our 6th Topic – Resilience – you are all you’ve got - and its enough! You will be reminded that you are all you have .. you don’t need
anybody else to come in and save you and that you do not need a “knight in shining armour” to rescue you and make it all o.k ... you have what it takes to do what you need to do…

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A topic of self discovery and growth. These skills will help you in your personal life, your professional life and in your both your personal and professional relationships.

In this program you will learn:
• Resilience is also skill not just a trait
• It can be developed by introducing small tiny daily rituals that will rewire your brain to be more alive and alert to opportunity rather than threat
• It is a proactive strategy and will help you in times of crises because you have developed the mental and physical reserves to handle the crises better
• You will identify what is in your circle of concern and what is in your circle
of influence and make a plan to assertively shift unhelpful behaviour from your circle of concern to your circle of influence
• You will create a powerful and empowering internal dialogue along with
an empowering physiology
• You will look at techniques such a mindfulness and meditation in a whole new way that are simple,easy to use and just make sense!
• We will also examine our relationship with Stress and learn how to reframe this into a productive relationship that serves us
• You will leave the workshop feeling empowered , that you have choices,
that you own your choices and that those choices can be healthy, helpful
and productive or the exact opposite
• We will look at making decisions from a place of power rather than fear

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