“There is nothing to fear but fear itself!”​

A high performing Team is like a Successful Marriage – Built to Last!
February 26, 2020

In this current situation, that the entire world faces – never has this famous historical quote by Franklin Roosevelt – rung so true for me.

Those of you who have worked with me will often hear my mantra “ Fact of Story?” Are you 100% sure that what you have heard is a FACT? IF not, what story are you telling yourself OR what story are others telling you?

Is this Story in fact Heathy, Helpful and Productive for what you need to achieve right now? Either as a leader in your team? Your business? Your community? Your family?

Is this story empowering you to make wise, measured and confident decisions that inspire courage and commitment from others? If you are going to tell yourself a story OR buy into someone else’s story – you might as well make it a good one!

I love this acronym of FEAR.

  • False
  • Evidence
  • Appearing as
  • Real

Remember the powerful words of Winston Churchill.

“Fear is a Reaction. Courage is a Decision.”

Are we reacting to the stories around us – or are we making sound, wise, proactive decisions that will set us up for the future? Are we going to fly into the eye of the storm like an Eagle – the only bird to do so – or are we going react with fear and go into hibernation?

In every crisis there is an opportunity.

  • An opportunity to leave a remarkable legacy or simply to be forgotten?
  • An opportunity to be a leader or a follower?
  • An opportunity to look outward and help others or look inward and become a victim?

What will you choose? We cannot choose what happens to us but we can choose how to respond. Will we react from a place of FEAR or will we decide to be courageous? This current situation is an opportunity to leave a lasting legacy. What will you decide to do?

If this has resonated with you – give me a call, or send me an email,

to discuss how I can support you and/or your team over the next few months as we navigate our way through these unprecedented times.

My promise rings true – I’m with you all the way! If you’d like to explore more resources to see you through this tricky time, please visit the resource section on my website.


Until next time – remember

Be Bold. Be Curious.


Jacqui Perkins
Jacqui combines real life experience with in depth knowledge. Her unique way of delivery is direct and engaging, which cuts through any resistance and allows people to let down their guard and open up to learning. A compassionate coach you will get complete commitment and support through your challenges and growth. Her tried and tested methods simply work.

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