Why do we do what we do, when we know what we know?
October 28, 2019
January 14, 2020

It is quite a humbling experience – to have to get down on your knees and admit your vulnerability AND acknowledge your weakness and inability to cope with just normal LIFE – when one sets oneself up quite publicly to be a business coach!

I am not going through a war! I am not a refugee. I do not have a disastrous injury. I do not have a fatally ill child or an injured husband. My marriage is not imploding. I am not on the brink of financial disaster. I have not recently lost someone near and dear to me. (Although ALL of those things have happened to me – they are just not happening to me right now!)

And yet – I feel as if I am experiencing all of the above. I am exhausted. Feeling bereft, easily hurt and rejected, and intolerant of EVERYTHING. And so – why do I simply not just follow my own advice? Teacher – heal thyself.

INVEST time into what is important.

Spend time praying to My Lord and saviour. BE INTENTIONAL with my family – most of all my husband and my children. My aging parents. Nurture my body – in terms of exercise and nutrition. Meditate. Nourish my soul with wholesome input. Go to bed early. Carve out time from the daily madness. Say “NO” more often. Expect less. Sometimes give less. Forgive others and myself.

Be thankful. Pause. Breathe. Take time to really appreciate all that I have been blessed with. Show compassion to others and myself.

Because – in the blink of an eye – I could lose it all.

Time is our most precious commodity. Spend it wisely. Invest it in people and things that MATTER. Stop with the madness and the never-ending “connectedness” with this world we live in. Always being “ON”!

And so as we come towards the end of this year – I am going to try and follow my own advice for once.

God bless each and every one of you at the end of this season of 2019!

Until next time  – remember
Be Bold. Be Curious.

Jacqui Perkins
Jacqui combines real life experience with in depth knowledge. Her unique way of delivery is direct and engaging, which cuts through any resistance and allows people to let down their guard and open up to learning. A compassionate coach you will get complete commitment and support through your challenges and growth. Her tried and tested methods simply work.

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